Mosaic de trencadís is a team of two mosaicists from Barcelona, Dolors Simó and Marta Macià.

Dolors Simó has been working professionally in the art of trencadís (a broken tile mosaic technique) for 35 years, working on large-scale projects in Catalan Modernist palaces, schools and for private clients. She is the woman with the record for the largest amount of trencadís works: 10,700 m2.

Moreover she is a painter and a good part of her work focuses on the study of human behavior. To view her mixed-media art and learn more about the artist you can visit her Instagram profiles: @margotsimi and @theo_human or take a look at her website:

Marta Macià has been working on artistic mosaics for 20 years, whether for personal or client based projects. They are highly realistic works with vibrant colors and attention to detail.

Her love for art and photography together with the need to develop her creative skills culminated with the creation of Matia Luke, a photographer that uses mannequins as models and as a pretext for her inventive scenes. She usually introduces her own trencadís mosaics as a background or complement of her pictures. To find out more about her work, visit @matia_luke on Instagram.

Dolors Simó and Marta Macià have both been producing works of trencadís mosaic for more than a decade.  Trencadís mosaic is an art technique that emerged during the Modernism years in Catalonia and that has architect Antoni Gaudí as a global benchmark.

They almost always incorporate ceramics made and painted by them, something that provides the mosaics with great creative richness and visual beauty.

They build murals on walls or architectural supports, sculptures, benches, fountains, signs, animal garden statues and various other decorative elements. The use of high quality materials ensures that the result is a lasting, unique and select work of art.

If you wish to see updates on the ongoing projects  you can follow them on Instagram: @mosaic_de_trencadis.